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The Faerie city of Abaino sometimes manifests itself in the material plane, appearing on the horizon or on mountaintops at dusk. In some observers, its cinnabar spires provoke a nameless sense of dread, while others feel a deep longing in their hearts that they can never shake off again. There are no reliable eyewitness accounts of any observer actually reaching the city and entering it before night falls, causing it to vanish again. It is suspected that the city feeds on the frustration and longing of those trying to reach it.

According to some stories, Abaino is really Luminous Oreanor, the Faerie reflection of the First City, and not only numerous treasures and wonders, but also secret knowledge about the origin of humanity and the first human civilization can supposedly be found here. Searching for Abaino is a popular quest for followers of Jorunnos with a scholarly bent.

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