Abel Tufar
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Population: 23,483

Abel Tufar is situated in a narrow valley where a small river swiftly flows down from the Star Mountains. All buildings in the city are made out of hardened mud according to the decrees of the local priesthood. The palace and the mansions of the aristocracy are found high on the valley side, while the poorer family dwellings are found ever-closer to the center of the valley. During each rainy season, the river swells up and floods away some of the huts in the center, and the severity of the flood is thought to represent how pleased or angry the gods are with the inhabitants. In a good year, only a few of the poorest dwellings are swept away, and these are quickly rebuilt once the river recedes again. In an especially bad year, much of the city may be destroyed - and yet the inhabitants of Abel Tufar start rebuilding their homes as soon as the ground is dry.

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