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The half-elves of Tuvareen are taught from birth that they are the inheritors of the magic of the sidhe - and that humans are only good for giving birth to people of sidhe blood, a mere temporary container for their glorious birthright.

Most half-elves accept this philosophy, and they are kept inside Tuvareen by the tales of the hostility of the outside world. However, now that the first generation of half-elves have reached adulthood, some have grown curious about the outside world. These forays often end in disaster, as the people of the surrounding lands take them for elves who have come to take their babies away - and the sidhe elders take care to repeat the stories of such attacks by humans to emphasize the safety of the forest (often, half-elves venturing out of the forest are followed by elves trained in the arts of stealth who make sure that they are rescued after they have received a good scare).

However, some half-elves have escaped notice and were able to observe human settlements for longer periods. They have learned the rudiments of the local language, and discovered the grief of relatives whose children were taken away. And some of them have decided that these thefts have to be stopped.

Among these half-elves, a few have banded together in order to plan how to achieve this. They call themselves the Adair, a term meaning "the sons and daughters of humans", which is used as an insult by some of the elves against the half-elves. As of yet, they don't have any specific plans - only the fire and passion of youth and the desire to end an injustice.

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