Administrative Park
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This district is near the center of the city and is home to the most powerful organizations in Praxus. Its borders are easily distinguished from adjacent districts by the tall, beautiful wrought iron fence that surrounds it. Both the Citizen's Constabulary of Praxus and the Praxus Beautification Department are based here, as well as the city parliament, the Flannish Cities Unity Coalition, the main Gemeinschaftsbank branch and several others. Couriers are running with packages and paperwork; haughty organization leaders argue politics and business in the streets; and pretty delivery girls carry the best and most expensive food in the city to their customers. During the day, the immaculate central park is a common visitor's attraction and occasionally musicians will perform there for tips. At night, however, this district is patrolled closely by the CCP to insure that no mischief is done by the cover of night. All but the east and west gate are locked, and a traveler through this area is very likely to get questioned by the Constabulary as to why she is here at such a late hour.

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