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Population: 75,243

The northernmost city in Nardhome, and likely the northernmost city on Rothea, Agtura was originally founded by the natives of that continent who lived among its northern shores. Over time, their shamans learned how to magically shape the ice of their environment, building great houses for their tribe to dwell in. Then they learned how to magically heat their houses of ice, and prevent them from melting. Then they built ships out of the same melt-proof ice, which greatly increased the range of their fishing fleet. Over time, their village grew into a large city, and when explorers from the Flannish Cities found them, they made peaceful contact and traded with them. The leaders of the city showed great prudence in their interactions with those far-away realms and gathered what knowledge they could about them - adapting the ideas, concepts, and sciences they found useful and discarding that which they deemed harmful.

And over time, the city saw immigration from other lands such as traders who set up shop here, sailors who fell in love with local girls and elected to stay here - and many poets and dreamers who became enamored with the Northern Lights that vividly race through the sky above the city almost every night. Thanks to the latter, Agtura gained a very romantic reputation - the "Utopia of the North", where people from all over the world would come together and live in peace. While this is something of an exaggeration, the City of Ice below the Colored Sky does have an unearthly atmosphere - and perhaps it is not surprising that one of the largest temples to Mara can be found here.

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If you want to get some good impressions of what Agtura might look like, watch the three last episodes of the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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