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Population: 734,130

Also called "The City of Last Rest", this city-state - ruled by vampires, lichs, and other undead - is infamous for its hunger for life energy. Its agents constantly roam the world and purchase living, thinking beings. Usually, this means buying slaves, but these agents are all too willing to accept deals from the desperate who sell themselves to get their family out of debt, or worse. Sometimes these "body hunters" kidnap people themselves, but the rulers prefer that new victims are bought. Either they harbor a perverse joy from buying humans like chattel, or there is a mystically important symbolic association involved in these deals that outsiders haven't been able to fathom.

Whatever the way these unfortunate souls arrive in Ahort, they are herded into special districts of the city where they live in spartan barracks and are forced to work hard under they die either from exhaustion, abuse by their guards, or the life energy drain from the nexus towers. Few prisoners last for more than a few months.

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