Akademie Der Durchtriebenen Künste
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As the only major public school of learning the infernal arts, the Akademie der Durchtriebenen Künste ("Academy of the Sly Arts", or simply "The Academy") has to walk a fine line. The majority of the public deeply distrusts anyone who willingly calls upon the power of devils, and for good reason. As a result, the Academy demands iron self-discipline from its students, and the majority of the first six months of their one-year standard curriculum is taken up with drills and exercises (both mental and physical) that would bring tears to the eyes of the most psychotic drill sergeants. Only those who can show that they have the fortitude and strength of will to withstand the grueling regimen without breaking are permitted to continue. The rest wash out without having their 1000 gold piece tuition fees refunded (though they may reapply in later years, if they have the funds). After this, their study of arcane theory intensifies so that they clearly understand the many dangers of meddling with devils. Finally, starting in the tenth month, the students begin ritually breaking social taboos under the close supervision of their instructors in order to attract a devil. How long this task takes can vary, but usually it lasts for no more than a few weeks (while technically many of these activities are illegal, some highly so, the city government turns a blind eye to them as long as the Academy is reasonably discreet thanks to the numerous services the Academy provides to the city, not all of which are monetary). Once the devil is attracted, the student's earlier training have hopefully prepared him to defeat the devil in a contest of wills with the assistance of his tutors. If not, his soul is forfeit and the supervisors destroy the possessed shell of a body that the student used to be (all students are required to sign waivers abrogating the Academy for any responsibility for what happens to them). The final weeks and months of the year are used to familiarize the new warlock with his power and to make sure he doesn't become unstable. At the end of the year, the warlock has fully internalized powers which take a wizard years more to attain - all for the price of the tuition fees and the risk to his immortal soul. Only about half of the students make it this far - the lucky ones wash out early.

While the Academy warlocks can seem arrogant to outsiders, they do their best to cooperate with the authorities of the city, as they know that they are only tolerated and not loved by the population. Many of the students have joined on scholarships which require them to work for government institutions such as the Amt für Innere Sicherheit once they graduate. The Academy leadership also maintains two elite squads of assassins who surreptitiously take down any rogue warlocks - this mainly means warlocks who get dominated by devils instead of vice versa, but any warlock who draws too much negative attention from the public is a fair game.

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