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Population: 357,550

During the day, this city looks rather shabby - most citizens live in poor huts made out of straw, stones, and mud, and while a certain rustic charm cannot be denied, visitors used to the splendor of cities like Pharsus will be in for a rude shock. Its people seem to be content to live as simple farmers, shepherds, and craftsmen, and seem to be utterly devoid of any ambition.

This impression changes once the visitor falls asleep when night falls. For all who sleep in the city's vicinity share one vast, communal dream. Their dream-selves "awake" to find themselves in a city that adheres to the general layout of daytime Alanthos - but everything is on a much grander scale. Where a small hut stood, a gigantic castle now soars. Where a well yielded small amounts of water during the day, a fantastic fountain sprinkles at night. Everyone in nightside Alanthos is transformed into a gallant knight, a mighty wizard, or a beautiful noblewoman - or at least it seems that way. Each night, they experience fantastic adventures, and even if their dream-selves are killed, they awake with nothing worse than being bathed in cold sweat in the morning.

It is known that sometimes, in times of emergencies, the dream-selves can actually pass into the waking world for a short time, thus contributing greatly to the city's defenses.

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