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Population: 1,642,921

Alassia used to be a moderately wealthy, if otherwise unremarkable city thriving on trade until the city fathers agreed to build a railway through the Grand Road, a vast underground passageway starting near the city and stretching all the way to the Verdant Coast - more than 4000 miles away. The project was and is highly controversial because of its sheer size and cost, and indeed, the city nearly bankrupted itself for it, but by this stage, the project is profitable enough to allow the city to keep up with its loan payments and even have some money left over. It is estimated that it will probably take another two decades to complete - the logistical problems are enormous - but periodic links to the surface allow for intense trade between the cities along the way even now, and most citizens are optimistic about its future.

However, critics point out that now that the railroad nears Gol Murak, problems are bound to intensify, as the Snake Kingdoms certainly won't permit the existence of an easy supply route to their old enemies in the dwarven kingdom. The League of Armach also has suggested to build an underground link between their cities and the Grand Road, but many feel that getting close to that expansionist regime might be unwise. So might be refusing their wishes, however, and the city council hasn't reached a conclusion on this issue. In the end, the project's success remains uncertain, and a major upset could bring it down.

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