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Aldayas, the Devil Lord of Lethargy and Despair, causes its victims to succumb to inactivity, neglecting their work, duties, family and friends, all the while hating themselves for doing it and retreating from the world even more, until they cannot even muster the energy to stay alive. The modern cities have become particularly fertile feeding grounds for Aldayas, as it is far easier to lose yourself in the anonymity of their crowds and vanish into your own little room than in small villages where everybody keeps an eye out for their neighbors. For obvious reasons, there is no true organized cult of Aldayas, though rituals which ask it to bless someone with its attentions are not very difficult to find for those who want to destroy a hated rival.

Aldayas is commonly depicted as a gargantuan spider with large, hypnotic eyes which has captured a pegasus (the symbol of the god Palias, whose lust for life and movement is anathema to the Devil Lord) whose life and color it slowly drains as it ceases its struggles - though birds are also commonly depicted as the spider's prey.

Its primary servants include Devils of Sloth and Devils of Gluttony.

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