Alliance Army
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Initially, the "Alliance Army" simply consisted of the militias of the individual city-states, with each city having its separate standards, chain of command (though they all ultimately answer to the War Leader), equipment, and tactics. However, Lord Amrast insisted that any new units - consisting primarily of the volunteers that joined up since he became the War Leader - must be integrated and consist of members from all cities. He has argued that this is the only way to create an efficient chain of command with an army that would truly fight for the Alliance as a whole, as opposed for its patron city only. Despite protests his reforms were instituted (though most cities still retain a portion of their old militias as a "home guard") and the first integrated units are ready to face their trials by fire.

As with everything Lord Amrast does, conspiracy theories abound about the Alliance Army - usually claiming that he plans to create an army that is personally loyal to him, as opposed to the Alliance as a whole, so that he can become the ruler of the Alliance after the war is over.

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