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The Alraunenhain is the world's only known plantation which grows and harvests mandrakes. Mandrakes are a potent component for many forms of ritual magic, but upon harvesting they emit a psychic scream which can kill nearby humans outright. In former times, dogs were used to drag individual mandrakes out of the ground, killing them in the process. This plantation, on the other hand, uses golems which are immune to the psychic assault and thus can harvest them in large numbers.

The Alraunenhain is maintained by the city of Grüngarten itself, which profits handsomely from it as no one else has the expertise to grow mandrakes in such large sizes and numbers. The plantation is far away from any settlements for obvious reasons, and surrounded by forest to muffle the sound around harvest time further. While the death scream discourages casual theft, prepared thieves could make a fortune if they figure out a way to protect themselves, and security at the plantation is correspondingly tight. The guards are highly motivated, as a would-be thief will not only be a threat to the harvest, but to their lives if he manages to pull a mandrake out within their earshot.

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The death-scream of the mandrake and the dog used for dragging it out are authentic folklore. But you have to move with the times…


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