Amt für Innere Sicherheit
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The Amt für Innere Sicherheit ("Office of Internal Security") was, and to some degree still is, one of the Flannish Cities most feared intelligence and secret police agencies, and had a well-deserved reputation for competence and ruthlessness. Its spy networks extended into the rest of the region, and its vast archives had files on seemingly everyone who was anyone.

However, the Teufelsnacht and its aftermath were no more kind to the Amt than to the rest of the city, and as it lost many good people during the fights it no longer was able to do its job well. This was interpreted by the ruling Drakensberg Family as treachery instead of incompetence, and matters came to a head 39 years ago when the organization assisted the coup that toppled the Drakensbergs.

But the decline of the city didn't stop, and the Amt saw its budget dwindling over the years along with the other offices of the city. Desperate for funds, the Amt turned to organized crime and used its far-flung network for smuggling, racketeering, and other illegal activities. Since they largely prey on foreigners, this is overlooked by the authorities, and it is justified by the Amt that they need to keep operational to keep the city safe. Now the officers of the Amt are half corrupt elements who use the illegal activities for their own gain, and half genuine patriots who try to do their jobs well despite their difficult circumstances.

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Think of the KGB after the fall of Communism.


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