Anders Greene
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Anders Greene is one of the League's most competent Acquisitioners, which are high-powered roving diplomats, merchants, and occasionally spies who make sure the League always gets the best deals and the best materials necessary for its expansions. Greene can potentially be found everywhere where the interests of the League are at stake, from the Flannish Cities to the Gawaris Desert, and people who underestimate this halfling to so at their own peril. He always smiles, always stays polite, and wouldn't dream of offering anyone violence who stands between him and something he wants for the League.

He has people for that.

Adventure Ideas

Designer's Notes & Resources

Basically, Greene serves as the antagonist the PCs need to race against when they are trying to get their hands on a MacGuffin. In his opposition, he will stay professional - he may send his henchmen against the PCs, have something stolen for them or arrange for an "accident" to befall them - but he doesn't hold grudges and once the race is finished he will not seek revenge. Greene serves best as a recurring antagonist, and the League should go to considerable expense to keep him alive, via resurrection if necessary - he is that useful to them.


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