Ardin Hold
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Often referred to pejoratively as Dwarftown in other places in the city, this neighborhood is effectively a self sufficient village built inside Praxus and according to the Praxus Standards. Despite the difficulties some human architects have faced with the restrictive Praxus Standards, the dwarves of Ardin Hold have been able to work through the standards to create buildings that were still distinctly dwarven in design. Runes decorate the two stone-gated archways in and out of this village and the dwarven architects have gone to great lengths to make it appear as if the buildings are carved directly from stone. In some cases, stone blocks have actually been dropped directly in the district and physically carved by hand to demonstrate the skill to younger dwarves. Basilis Niland himself holds up Ardin Hold as an example of how the Praxus Standards still allow freedom of expression, although detractors often point out places where the dwarves do not follow them exactly.

Made up originally of clanless dwarves leaving from Gol Grungor, the village (and the areas around it) is becoming ever more populated by refugees from that realm and the Hidden King of Ardin Hold is having difficulty organizing the populace to purchase adjacent neighborhoods en masse. Racial tensions between the dwarves of Ardin Hold and human residents are fairly high, the dwarves being so distrustful as to hire their own security force nicknamed "Durbir's Wolves" after their leader, Durbir Nurduum. Durbir's Wolves commonly patrol the area for troublemakers, but tend to view any humans as troublemakers more often than not.

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