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Lord of Warfare, Supreme Strategist, The Last Victor

While Argannon is the god of war, his portfolio doesn't include mindless slaughter. It is not the deaths that are important in war, but the battle of wits between the commanders. Whether the victor of a conflict sent countless soldiers to their deaths, or succeeds by ruses, feints, and sabotages that preserve his strengths, it matters not to the Supreme Strategist - all he wants to see are brilliant tactical moves that make the victory a deserving one.

In general, believers of this faith keep to any customary "rules of warfare" in their region - succeeding despite restrictions is the sign of an able commander, and often breaking these rules invites more trouble from one's peers than it is worth. Still, Argannon is nothing if not pragmatic, and someone who breaks all the rules to emerge victorious and gets away with it can earn his favor as well - to the victor go the spoils.

Perhaps surprisingly, the faith has in recent times gathered no small following among the merchant classes, particularly among the larger merchant houses - they see the constant competition between their houses as just another form of warfare, one that is often fought with the same methods as outright war, if on a less obvious level. Some parts of the clergy decry this as heresy, but others give this their blessing - and perhaps one day soon Argannon will add Trade to his portfolio.

It has often been claimed that Argannon invented the chess game, especially by his clergy. Whether true or not, his followers play this game passionately, and organize chess tournaments on major holidays of their faith that are open to the public. It is customary that the winner of such a tournament can ask for a boon from the highest-ranking cleric of the temple.

Worshipers of Argannon are charged with the following:

  • Cultivate all the tools at your disposal in conflicts. Your mind is the most vital tool of all.
  • Even in conflict, there are rules. Do not be the first one to break them.
  • Never back down from a challenge of wits, no matter what the odds. You will only truly lose if you fail to learn from your defeats.

Argannon's symbol is a white rook above a red and black chessboard.

Among the sidhe, Argannon is worshiped as Arienach, who they believe grants supremacy to the most cunning and worthy and thus is seen as a god of intrigue as much as of strategy. His dwarven aspect Aruk, on the other hand, emphasizes strategy and tactics in war over all other aspects.

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