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Population: 3,129, 372

The political center of this region, Armach has become rich and powerful thanks to the rapid growth of the League. Armach used to be a large but poor city-state with a republican form of government. About eighty years ago, the city's economic situation became so dire that few objected when a new First Citizen was appointed with a vast range of emergency powers. Today, the First Citizen is the dictator of Armach (and the First Councilor of the Council of Equals as well), but thanks to the success of the League, he remains popular and there is no serious opposition to his rule.

Armach has used the loot from conquered cities to fund a vast rejuvenation program, which makes the city one of the most beautiful and well ordered in the known lands. Diplomats from allied cities and far-away regions rub shoulders and spy on each other here, and the plots hatched or prevented in Armach have repercussions around the world.

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