Aroma Disseminator
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Invented by Praxus' premier gnomish inventor, Zook Brokenshoe, the Aroma Disseminator is hailed as "the end to all cities' offensive odor problems". Located prominently in the more popular areas of Praxus, the scents are determined each day by Zook's Manual of Auspicious Scents. Zook argues that the Aroma Disseminator's scents are assigned based on the principles of the magical transmissions of energies and will discuss them in great and complicated detail to anyone who seems interested.

A handful of scents are most commonly determined as favorable: Orange blossom, Fresh bread, Rose, Pumpkin, Lavender, Apple Pie, Sage, Leather, Vanilla, Pine, and Sandalwood. On a rare occasion, an unusual scent like Metal Shavings, Old Books, or Sawdust may even be chosen as auspicious.

Other researches argue with Zook's hypothesis and claim that they do little more than freshen up the area around the Disseminator. This has done little to deter sales of the gnomish product, however, as residents and visitors much prefer the random scent of the Aroma Disseminator to the stench of the city. A home version is even in the works for nobles and rich merchants who would like to scent their home according to Zook's arcane principles.

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