Art & Artifacts Collection Agency
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Closely aligned with the Hogenrood Museum of Art, the Art & Artifacts Collection Agency (AACA) is dedicated to collecting works of art and unique Artifacts however they can. In the Flannish Cities, they mostly use legal tactics (i.e. outright purchases) to acquire such items, as they do not want to provoke any backlash from the other city-states in the region. However, sometimes its agents have ignored such niceties, and the board does not seem to mind as long as they don't get caught. In other regions, its agents tend to be more ruthless, although they are expected to be circumspect in the more powerful nations and city-states of the Known Lands. The AACA have a long-running and intense rivalry with the backers of Mine Shaft 23 in the Siebenbund, since they often quest for the same items.

Agents of the AACA are collectively known as "Collectors". They are given a generous stipend with which they are expected to acquire new items. The Agency does not care if they spend any of that money to finance lavish lifestyles and personal luxuries, as long as the agents deliver results. Retrieving many or especially valuable items leads to promotions (with correspondingly higher stipends), while failure to retrieve a sufficient number of items over longer time periods will result in demotion. Collectors start at the rank of "Warrant Collector". The higher ranks are "Collector Lieutenant", "Collector Captain", "Collector Major", "Collector Colonel", and "Brigadier Collector". There is only one "Collector General" who leads the Agency. Currently, this is Fiona Korteweg, an elderly lady who tolerates no nonsense among her subordinates. She answers only to the Board, the mysterious sponsors and financial backers of the Agency whose identities are only known to Korteweg and a selected few among her subordinates.

List of Collected Artifacts

Adventure Ideas

The AACA could be either a patron or an antagonist for the player characters. An AACA campaign would give the PCs a lot of freedom on how to pursue their goals.

Designer's Notes & Resources

This was loosely inspired by the WWII "Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives" program.


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