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Population: 2,134,520

Aruges is probably the most regulated city in the Known Lands. All buildings, streets, and public places are built according to strict regulations, and all buildings of the same type - residential, offices, temples, and so on - must adhere to the same layout. While the Flannish city of Praxus has made similiar efforts, the main difference between Praxus and Aruges is that Aruges dosn't have any use for grand architectural designs - only utility. As a result, Aruges is probably also the most spectacularly ugly city in the Known Lands.

The citizens of Aruges are for the most part to dispirited and exhausted to fight the oppression from the all-powerful ruling bureaucracy, and as a result just follow their rulers' orders. Behind the scenes, eleven secret societies pull the strings of the bureaucracy and keep the city running. They willingly agreed to joining the League in the hope of remaking conquered cities in the image of Aruges - and indeed, a very high number of agents from Aruges are involved with reconstruction efforts in these locales.

Also noteworthy is the low standing in which any kind of religion is held by the city's rulers - in fact, the only priests who are allowed to operate within the city are suitable convicted criminals, who are given the choice of either working as a priest or going to the feared correctional facilities of the city. Naturally, this only serves to make a mockery of organized religion - which was entirely the goal.

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