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Population: 734,221

This city is known for its unusual caste structure. At young ages, children are put through a series of tests (scholastic and physical) to determine their aptitudes. The most intelligent become Philosophers, who rule and administrate the city, and advance the arts and knowledges of its colleges. They do not have any money, but may freely take what they need from all businesses of the city - though any Philosopher who abuses this privilege will be subject to censure from his peers. The strongest and most aggressive ones become Warriors, who defend the cities from its enemies and police its inhabitants. The rest become Commoners, who tend to all other tasks that need to be done to maintain the city. This does not mean that the Commoners have no control over their lives - with enough hard work they can achieve a high level of prosperity. It is just that political influence is completely denied to them - and strangely enough, most citizens seem to be content with this arrangement, giving food to rumors about large-scale magical mind control being used in this city…

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Based on Plato's ideas on the "ideal state".


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