Association of Conscientious Thaumaturges
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The rise of the universities has largely caused the fall of the classical master-apprenticeship system among wizards, and with it the traditional mages' guilds. Still, some of these guilds stubbornly cling to life, and the Association of Conscientious Thaumaturges in Dartmouth is one of those. Most of the association's "masters" are morose about their own social standing and get by with off jobs from customers who cannot afford anyone else, and the few apprentices the guild attracts tend to be those who cannot attend university for one reason or another - usually poverty, lack of aptitude, or various social disorders.

Unsurprisingly, the headquarters of the association in Chafring are quite run-down, with anything remotely valuable long sold off to pawnbrokers to pay off debts (including a once respectable collection of magic items). The only reason the association still has any funds at all is because some of its masters have begun to moonlight their services for various organized crime rings. It is likely that if the association survives at all, it will become an entirely criminal organization in years to come.

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