Astral Plane
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If the plane of Faerie can be seen as a vast glacier that is constantly replenished by new snow and ice, then the Astral Plane can be seen as the vast ocean that Faerie calves into. From time to time one of the domains of Faerie will be shifted to the Astral Plane, causing most of its fey inhabitants to either abandon it or change into life forms more adjusted to their new homes. New entities will arrive to dwell on it, such as angels and devils, or even the occasional god that hasn't moved on to the Great Beyond. And unless the domain is somehow maintained by acts of will or magic, it will slowly dissolve over the course of centuries into the potential of the surrounding starry void, just like an iceberg gradually dissolves into the ocean - or a corpse dissolves into the ground.

However, the essence of the dissolved domains is not truly gone, just intermingled with the plane itself, and those powerful enough can draw it out and enlarge existing domains - or create new domains according to their whims. Beyond the gods, archmages throughout the ages have created their own private realms and retreats here, and with powerful magics becoming more accessible, more and more such domains are created despite the staggering costs, as little can compare to the security of your own private world where you can even define the very laws of nature themselves.

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Again, trying something different with a staple of fantasy gaming.


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