Astu Dolorus
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Population: 563,728

By agreement of the Devil Lords one city on the rim of Sheol remains open to all who come here. Astu Dolorus is the gateway to Sheol, a trade metropolis where anything, including souls, can be bartered for. Human and other visitors are welcome, and by law no harm is allowed to befall them unless they agree to it - however, given the insidious nature of most of the devil inhabitants, such agreements are all too easily given without realizing it. Nevertheless, great fortunes can be made here for those with as much daring as greed, and this keeps the secret rituals that open the planar pathways to this city in circulation.

The nominal ruler of the city is Lord Astu, a title given to a new Greater Devil when the previous holder has met an unfortunate demise (which occurs with regularity). The real powers in the city are the Devil Lords of Sheol who each maintain embassies in the city, but their constant strife means that they rarely unite to push for a specific agenda.

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