Atalan Empire
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The Atalan Empire was a vast historic realm spreading out from the city of Atalus. At its height, it not only covered the Parginian Rim, but also the territories now claimed by the Alliance of the Pantheon, Flannish Cities, Hobgoblin Dominions, Lands of the Dead, Siebenbund, as well as the Lake of Dreams region and the areas now devastated by the Eternal Storm - whose creation was one of the reasons for the demise of the empire. Its expansion was checked by the orcs infesting the Norfjell Wastes (which the empire tried to hold at bay by building the Atalan Wall, the dragons of the Desert of Thunder, and the vast, disease-ridden cities of Malundi (where the empire built the so-called Atalan Road along the coast but never penetrated deep into the interior).

The Atalan Empire itself emerged from the Atalan Republic which dominated large parts of the Parginian Rim and was dominated by powerful families of patricians (and indeed, this is where the name "patrician originally came from), but which turned into a military dictatorship under the rule of hereditary emperors during a domestic crisis and subsequently started to expand rapidly. While they initially brought stability, later on succession squabbles sapped the strength of the already weakened empire until it fragmented into several successor states - one of which, the city-state of Pharsus, survives to this day.

While the Atalan Empire itself may be gone, its cultural heritage remains important to this day. Even though it is no longer the official language of any region, the Atalan language remains the language of scholarship and science. The legal principles first invented in Atalus are still cited in modern legal discussions. The Atalan currency system with its division into gold, silver, and copper pieces remains in use even now, and thus forms the basis of the modern economy.

Recently, scholars have gained new, valuable insights into the daily lives and practices of Atalan Empire thanks to the Carsus Dig, where the petrified remains of Atalan citizens were found and subsequently reanimated. Most of the former Atalans have now resettled in New Carsus in Dartmouth.

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Obviously, this is the Urbis counterpart of the Roman Empire


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