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Population: 5,643,730 (humans 67%, halflings 12%, dwarves 9%, gnomes 5%, hobgoblins 4%, elves 2%) (Protectorate: 8,354,260)
Import: Pretty much everything
Exports: Financial services, all kinds of finished goods, politics

The largest city of the Known Lands, and the one with the most illustrious history, the influence of Atalus throughout the world cannot be overstated. The Atalan Empire had its origins here, and the first nexus tower was constructed in the city. While its actual possessions have shrunk to a fairly small protectorate, its political, social, and cultural influence reaches across the Parginian Rim - and beyond. "All roads lead to Atalus", as the saying goes.

Built on six hills, much of the city is gradually sinking below the sea level thanks to erosion processes both natural and artificial, and only vast civil engineering projects keep the floods at bay - and even that is not enough in some of the poorer and low-lying neighborhoods. The buildings of this city often sit on many layers of earlier construction from past ages, and as a result, there are innumerable catacombs, tunnels, and entire abandoned buildings in the belly of the city that await to be discovered and explored - though sometimes, these catacombs already have inhabitants, not all of them human.

While its system of government has changed frequently over the century, at the moment it is ruled by the Doge who is elected from the members of the Merchant Council by his peers. He always wears a white mask in public so that no one save the members of the Council may know his identity, but of course speculation runs rampant.


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The city is centered on a group of five hills. The wealthiest and most influential people live on or near the top of those hills, while the poorer people dwell in the valley and the river delta below. The most desperate live in the slums which are at nearly the same elevation as the ocean. As these districts tend to be flooded on a regular basis, most people who can afford to will move somewhere else.

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A mixture of Rome and Venice. Originally, I decided to detail Atalus as the "default home city" of Urbis, but in the end decided on Dartmouth as the more appropriate choice.


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