Athanatos Club

Immortality has been a dream as old as humanity. Many people have tried to cheat death, but few have succeeded. But the members of the Athanatos Club are determined to reach this goal, no matter what.

Mostly based in the Flannish Cities, the Parginian Rim, and the Lands of the Dead, the Athanatos Club consists of some of the wealthiest members of their respective societies. People with training in arcana magic predominate, but everyone who believes in their common goal and has something to contribute - even if it is only money - is welcome. Their activities include spell research, alchemy, medical sciences, and chasing down any rumors about alleged immortals. Many of the researchers have little scruples when it comes to their experiments, and the test subjects - some voluntary, some not - often end up in a state worse than death.

Many members try to turn themselves into free-willed undead once they feel old age approaching, but this is seen as ultimately unsatisfying - they want the experience life, not undeath, and their undead members, while powerful, are usually pitied rather than respected.

Their headquarters are in the Flannish city of Praxus, and it is rumored that they have powerful patrons among the city’s rulers, as well as access to one of the nexus towers in the city. But most cities in these regions have a chapter house - operating in the open where they can, in the shadows where they can’t.

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The dream of immortality is probably as old as humanity, and I wanted to explore this dream here. Whether this goal is a worthy one depends on one's point of view. Sure, these people have intelligent undead among their members, but does this really make them evil?


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