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The Auewald district was long located outside of the actual city of Bodenwald. Instead, this forest region - criss-crossed by innumerable streams and subject to frequent flooding - was inhabited by numerous poor people who worked in or near the city, but couldn't live within the city itself. The whole region had a haunted atmosphere, with numerous fey residents alternately helping or hindering their human neighbors. Innumerable superstitions and taboos arose as a result of these generations-long dealings with the supernatural.

In recent decades, aggressive urban construction has reached this district. The city authorities and investors want to turn Auewald into a "showcase" district of modern urban architecture, a perfectly planned settlement with an even mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the planners had overestimated their abilities to control the rivers, and several newly-built areas had to be abandoned after they were flooded multiple times. Many of the former inhabitants of Auewald - human and fey alike - who lost their homes to the new settlements have moved into these abandoned buildings as squatters. Several druids are also known to live in the untouched parts of Auewald, attempting to save what is left of the natural landscape.

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  • Very loosely based on Lehel.


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