Autumn Court
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The sidhe of Avareen like to think themselves as the masters of all they survey. Yet there is one group that even they are afraid of, and to which they will bow their heads - the Autumn Court. Bringing up its very existence in casual conversation is a major faux pas among the sidhe, and they go through their daily lives pretending it doesn't exist - and for the most part, they succeed.

This enigmatic but extremely powerful group of Fair Folk operates from the mountains near the city of Tyaril. They seem to have some sort of agreement with the rulers of Avareen, but the precise nature of that agreement is… well, it is not the subject of speculation, since even bringing this topic up is considered to be bad luck. And this seems to be more than an empty superstition. All most elves and sidhe know is that if they are unfortunate enough to encounter a member of the Autumn Court (a rare occurrence outside of Tyaril), they should avert their eyes and give anything that is asked of them, and then tell no one else of this encounter.

The precise members of and positions within the Autumn Court are unknown, although when its members announce their presence, they usually add their affiliation to the Court and their formal title to those they address. Their leader is allegedly the Horned Man himself, a creature of unparalleled majesty and terror who is worshiped by some as a deity in his own right.

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Even the powerful fear someone. In the case of the elves and sidhe of Avareen, it is the Autumn Court they fear.


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