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Population: 1,347,931

The only port city of the Dominions, Azgúra serves as an entry and exit point for most trade and travel from the west. The city has significant minority populations of humans (from the Flannish Cities) and dwarves (from nearby Gol Grungor), who live in isolated enclaves that are rarely interfered with by the local authorities (who have come to appreciate and even rely on the trade flowing through their city.

Azgúra is also the city closest to the elven forest of Avareen, and thus has a significant military presence. Since fights with the elves are limited to small raids instead of the large-scale warfare the hobgoblins prefer, most soldiers stationed there are alternately bored or jittery and nervous (if they have experienced an elven raid before). Both contribute to a certain rowdiness among the soldiers, and brawls and other lapses of discipline are relatively common.

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