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Azoth is raw magical energy condensed into physical form. It was first discovered by alchemists when it leaked out of enchanted items whose enchantments had imperfections causing the power of the item to weaken over time. In current times, it functions as the basis of much of the modern economy.

Raw azoth looks like a translucent liquid shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow (and according to members of those races able to see beyond the spectrum visible to humans, in other colors as well). However, unless it is stabilized by specialized magical fields, it soon crystallizes into a thin powder which also seems to shimmer in different colors depending on viewing angle and local light conditions. Azoth serves as a universal component in ritual magic (including the enchantment of magic items), and thus is highly prized. In times past, it was primarily gathered by disenchanting magic items, a tiring and expensive process. In modern times, it is created in significant quantities in nexus towers, and so commonly available that it has largely supplanted other, more specialized ritual components.

Some financial and government institutions use azoth to back their bank notes. Certain rich individuals - including but not limited to mages - are using azoth as a drug, either snorting it up their noses or injecting it in diluted forms into their veins. This produces hallucinogenic effects, but this behavior is not without its dangers, as supernatural creatures seem to be attracted to the user. Claims of increased magical prowess during azoth use should be considered dubious at best.

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This is the equivalent of Residuum from D&D 4E.


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