Bag of Worlds
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Magical containers which are smaller and lighter on the outside are a long-running favorite among travelers and smugglers. Most of these appear to be perfectly innocuous bags, chests, and similar storage devices, but when something is placed into them it vanishes into an extra-dimensional storage space from which it can be recalled at the owner's whim.

The fabled Bag of Worlds is something more than these wonders. For one, it is actually several seemingly ordinary bags (at least nine, and possibly more) which can access the same storage space, and as long as any user knows that a particular item is in it, they can retrieve it from any of the bag "entrances". Furthermore, while the bag seems too small for anything large to be put into it, it can "suck" items as large as cows into its confines if placed next to them. Finally, the interior space is vast - it appears like a large cavern complex, partially lit by magical lights, and over the centuries it has actually developed an indigenous population of humans and other races who grew up here and know no other life. They cannot escape on their own - only if an owner of one of the connected bags explicitly wishes for them to appear would they be transported to the outside. Most of the inhabitants are descended from Parginian stock, as many of the bags were owned by Discendenti clans over the century and they used this as a way of "vanishing" those they found inconvenient, as well as transporting goods and people from one place or another. These people now live a simple and fairly spartan life, but most are happy with their situation. Still, new owners of such bags who don't know what they have in their possession might be surprised to discover that food placed into the bag vanishes completely, and some items return with strange messages scrawled upon them…

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This artifact was inspired by a Knights of the Dinner Table comic where a classical "bag of holding" gets out of hand when it requires a (rebellious) population…


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