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Population: 56,335

This unique city is located directly on the acid waters of the Molten Lake. It consists of a large number of floating metal barges that are connected by walkways and rope bridges. Its unique location and flexible structure (the barges can be moved very easily from one location to another) make the city highly defensible and more than make up for the city's dependency on imports. As a result, Bagrash houses a large military garrison that often patrols the borders to the Eternal Storm region.

The city's industries are mostly based on the unique alchemical properties of the lake waters, which are used in all kinds of refining processes. The city is also noted for its unusually high goblin population - many of them squatters - who are adept at finding living spaces for themselves on the barges and use the ropes that tie the city together to evade all foot patrols.

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