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The Bärenhof or "Court of the Bear" is a small park in the center of Nimdenthal. It derives its name from an enclosure in which a bear is traditionally kept. Originally, this was the cult center of the local cult of Bucatar, with the bear believed to be an avatar of the deity and the local baron acting as the high priest of the faith, with the bear allegedly listening to and ruling on petitions brought forth by the cult members. While this is no longer believed by the locals, the bear remains the heraldic sign and symbol of the city and the citizens take considerable pride in this animal. Insulting the bear is a cause for brawls, and actively seeking to harm the bear would be an enormous affront to the entire city. The current bear, named "Knutti", is a rare white-furred specimen from Nardhome.

The park surrounding the enclosure is a popular place for major civic festivities.

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I hope German readers will forgive me, but I just couldn't resist.


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