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Population: 1,349,772

The citizens of Bargeto mostly live an easy and carefree life, for its mages have rediscovered ancient rituals which allow them to create a race of homunculi - so-called dopplegangers - with the aid of alchemy and the magic of the nexus towers. This servant race can be made to look in whatever way its creators choose. The magic put upon them with the aid of the nexus towers keeps most of them loyal and obedient to the city and its citizens.

However, what isn't widely known is that they are interfertile with humans, with the children becoming dopplegangers themselves - and these children aren't under magical control. The ruling Merchant Council of the city has only recently discovered this, and now tries to figure out how many unfettered dopplegangers exist in the city while desperately hiding the news of their existence from the general public.

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