Basalt Road
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The Basalt Road is a vast, spiral pathway emerging from the Stormheart and consisting of basalt columns emerging from the ground. It is approximately seven yards wide at all locations, and each revolution of the path is around twelve miles further out than the previous one. It grows about 20 miles a year in length, and while it rises and falls with the terrain somewhat, it always ends up level enough to walk on it, which is seen most dramatically in the Shieldwall Mountains, which it has now encompassed. It even bisects more than a few of the acidic lakes of the region, although actual rivers still flow over it - but usually over a very wide front, allowing people to wade through it. Furthermore, it tends to break down inanimate matter lying on it over time until it is light enough to be blown away by the wind, effectively keeping it clean.

Prospectors and other people living and working in the area encompassed by the Basalt Road - which is now exceeding 500 miles in diameter - commonly use it to get to their destinations, only going off it when needing to get closer or further away from the Stormheart, as it is far easier to travel on it than through the uneven and generally treacherous terrain of the region. However, this also makes it easier for bandits and intelligent monsters to find victims, so travelers on the Basalt Road should remain aware of possible ambush spots.

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