Basilis Niland
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Basilis Niland has been hailed as a genius, a visionary, and a fanatic and megalomaniac. The chief architect and city planner of Praxus is all this and more - his goal is nothing less than the creation of the ultimate magical city, and he will not let anything get in his way. He has fought the other leaders of Praxus over even the slightest alterations to his plans, and so far has always gotten his way in the end.

What most people - including possibly him as well - is that Shaprat, the Last City whispers into his mind every night. In the morning, he wakes up with his head full of new ideas and spends the next hour or so committing all the new plans to paper. He is not sure what will happen once Praxus is finished and is in the precise shape it was always meant to be in. But he is sure that it will be a perfect moment.

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