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Basram, the fabled City of Glass, was a wondrous place to behold in its prime. Its mages had become adept at growing a special type of crystal to enormous sizes. They used this crystal to create enormous buildings of sizes never seen since, and it is said that only the legendary First City surpassed Basram in its splendor.

Yet the wizards ruling Basram became proud, and explored dark magics better left untouched. Their rivalry became ever fiercer. Finally, one of these mages tried a desperate gamble to come ahead in these struggles, and opened a large gate to the world of Yethrod.

What exactly he had hoped to accomplish with this feat is unknown. What is known is that hundreds, if not thousands aggressive beasts from that world poured through the gates. Their savage sonic shouts resonated perfectly with the crystals that were the very foundation of Basram. The city, which had been built over hundreds of years, was destroyed in a single night, leaving behind the area today known as the Sea of Shards, a wasteland full of tiny crystal splinters.

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