Belle Housing District (Belle)
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3 years ago, in a move that mortified many citizens of Praxus, the city parliament approved the purchase of the R. Belle Memorial Necropolis and the surrounding area by the Rubtennor Housing Agency. The Rubtennors' argued that the dead were dead and would not be offended and that the property was too valuable for the city to let go to waste. Under the agreement, the bodies were to be moved to the newly built Darcel Crematorium in Jillie's Bend and incinerated. The entire area was leveled and paved over, with new sewage and plumbing lines laid and a beautiful and expensive upper middle class housing development was built atop it. The streets are lit continually by magical light spells, the roads are smooth, and the buildings are decorated beautifully with bas reliefs and mosaics. However, the housing development is not doing as well as it should due to the superstitions of the Praxus citizens. Although stories of actual ghost or spectre attacks are rare, rumors of minor ghostly activities are common.

Unbeknowest to management, who were honestly trying to follow the contract with the city, the employees of the Rubtennor Housing Agency cut a few corners, and only removed enough corpses to look like they were doing their job. Almost half of the bodies interred here originally were left and paved over during the new construction. Although the thick layer of concrete should have prevented any issues with corporeal undead, some deeper graves and mausoleums were damaged when the sewer lines were laid.

Known only to those who make the occasional trek into the labyrinthine Praxus sewer system, zombies and other corporeal undead are fairly common in this area, feeding off of those too careless to avoid them.

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