Blink Valley
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Regarded as a myth by most explorers, this small and remote mountain valley actually shifts position with similar locales on other planets. The schedule of this effect is unpredictable, but it generally happens about once a day, and if an explorer is unlucky enough to be in it at this time, he will be taken with it and exposed to the alien environment of another world. During the times when Blink Valley is not located on Rothea (most of the time), outside observers will merely see a solid mountain side.

Upon first stumbling across it, explorers might notice the near-total absence of local flora and fauna, and the few plants and animals that do exist there tend to be very alien, since only the hardiest species can survive the rapid changes in atmosphere and temperature. The valley currently seems to be uninhabited, although there are several abandoned and partially crumbling building complexes which were not erected according to any human sense of aesthetics.

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