Blue Legion
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This organization was founded to spy on non-League cities and countries, and if necessary sabotage them and remove all opposition to the agenda of the League Council. They are a relatively new organization, and draw their recruits from all member cities more or less equally. So far, their operations have been fairly successful - their behind-the-scenes manipulation ensured that many city-states joined the league without putting up any fight, and on those occasions there was a fight, their timely sabotage made sure that League losses were relatively light.

At the moment, most of their efforts are concentrated on the Alliance of the Pantheon, and they hope to fracture that defense pact before the inevitable war with the League starts. But they are also gathering blackmail material on high-ranking Thenaran officials to keep that nation neutral in the coming conflict, and their hobgoblin operatives are busy stirring up problems between Thenares and the Hobgoblin Dominions. Ideally, those two countries would weaken each other with a war while the League was busy devouring the Alliance, and afterwards the League could start expanding to the north and north-east as well…

One badly-kept secret is that they also operate as a secret police in parts of the League. While in theory their mandate prohibits them from doing so, in practice many cities even prefer them to the Torchbearers, since they do not have an as sinister reputation and their members are more representative of the League as a whole. The two organizations share a deep hatred for each other, and frequently clash in secret.

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