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One of the oldest and most powerful gangs in Nimdenthal, the Blutfüsse ("bloody feet") derive their name from a curse that their highest leader is said to suffer - in exchange for dark bargains with devil powers that give the gang its mystical edge, their leader is said to continually leave bloody footsteps wherever he goes, even when wearing footwear. As a result, he always travels via a palanquin when in public.

The Blutfüsse derive most of their income from extortion and protection rackets. Most lieutenants of the gang carry so-called "skinning knives", minor enchanted knives which can easily remove skin from a body. A traditional punishment for those who are late with their payments or otherwise offend the gang is to remove the skin from the soles of their feet so that they, too, leave bloody footprints wherever they go if they dare walk at all with such injuries. On the other hand, if the gang decides to kill someone they just cut off their feet, leaving them to bleed out from the stumps. The feet are said to be collected in a special chamber below the city somewhere, where the leader ritually reaffirms his pact with the powers of Sheol. And in the rare cases that someone powerful does decide to go after the gang, devils have been known to materialize and assist the gang in its fight…

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