Book of Days
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The Book of Days was written in the 9th century by a Thenaran monk later denounced as a heretic by the church. It not only describes planetary conjunctions and other recurring celestial phenomena for centuries to come (a feat surpassed by modern astronomical calculations), but also conjunctions of various planes of existence, the existence of some of which have not even been verified by modern research. He also describes the nature of the inhabitants of these locales in great if allegorical detail, and these descriptions have been used to great effect in the summoning of such entities.

What makes this work particularly noteworthy is that it contains the first detailed descriptions (including, for the first time, their now commonly used names) of the various shells of the qlippoth and their inhabitants, and detailed notes at which times and places they can most readily access the Material Plane. As such, fragments of the Book of Days are highly sought after by summoners of demons, and it is this fact that earned its author a reputation as a heretic.

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