Boreal Wind
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The Boreal Wind is an odd meteorological phenomenon that exists at high altitudes - a permanent storm that constantly circles around the world in an East-West direction. On the surface, the wind is barely noticeable, but at an altitude of several miles up, the winds become strong enough so that few beings can withstand them for long without magical protection. Lighting constantly criss-crosses the sky, and elemental beings and strange floating plants seem to make their home in it. Recently, a team of researchers from Grüngarten have started to explore this strange ecology, and they have also discovered a large number of rods of prodigious sizes dwelling here. The Boreal Wind is usually confined to northern latitudes, but can occasionally be seen as far south as the Siebenbund. Many people consider its appearance in the sky to be an ill omen, signaling sudden change.

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"Why have a strange permanent storm high in the atmosphere?" - "Why not have a strange permanent storm high in the atmosphere?"


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