Boris Bergland
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Boris "The Mouse" Bergland is the leader of the Butchers' Guild and gigantic in both his height and his appetite. Standing more than 7 feet tall and heavily muscled, he stands out in a city where most people tend to be lean thanks to government-enforced vegetarianism. While he looks like an uneducated brawler - and indeed, his brawn helped him rise in the ranks of the Guild in his early years - few people underestimate his shrewdness, and those who do rarely live to regret their mistake. Not only did Bergland unify the Guild in Grüngarten and made sure that all criminals in the city pay him their cut, he has also begun to aggressively expand the operations of the Guild to other cities in the region, leading to clashes with local criminal groups. Those who cross him either end up on the meat market, or are fed to his pet ghouls.

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