Brass Key
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This artifact looks like an incredibly complex key made out of brass and stranger alloys, and consists of innumerable tiny bolts, cogwheels, and levers which allow the key to shift its configuration and even its size. Sometimes, it seems to shift on its own, with the bolts sliding through each other, seemingly shifting through different dimensions while doing so. Many mistake the Brass Key for a magical lock pick, and in fact it will serve well in that function. However, with some experimentation a user will be able to open up magical gates between any two doors he has ever walked through - and eventually, as his experience with it increases, even doors he has never seen before. How precisely the user is able to figure out the necessary configurations to others is something he will never be able to adequately explain to others, although eventually its function will seem obvious to him.

Most disturbingly, eventually the user will be able to open any door and transform it into a gateway to Shaprat, the Last City - and out again. Few users will remain sane at this stage.

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