Bridge of Lamar
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The Bridge of Lamar is the only bridge leading across the Grand Channel - and, since the walls of the Grand Channel are largely too steep for any ferries to anchor at them, it is effectively the only way to cross the channel for along its thousand mile length except by using rare aerial mounts (which a few communities do use). Impossibly ancient, the bridge is supported by a single arch spanning across the entire width of the channel - at this location, a distance of two miles. At fifty yards, its width is no less impressive. While it appears to be made out of stone, any damage to the structure heals itself over time.

Each end of the bridge terminates in a major trading city, which have grown rich from the goods of their respective hinterlands that pass over the bridge. At times, the cities have been in control of rival nations, and the bridge itself has seen the clash of armies, with scores of bodies falling over its sides. On rare occasions, a single kingdom has been able to hold both sides of the bridge, but usually - as it is the case now - each side remains independent.

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