These range from cheap whorehouses where the poor are parted from their last copper pieces to elegant saloons where the rich and powerful are assured of absolute discretion during their visits. While they are often technically illegal in many cities, this has done absolutely nothing to change the popularity of the services they offer, and as a result they continue to thrive in the cities' underworlds nonetheless.

While some of the prostitutes who work here choose their profession voluntarily, many more are forced into this trade through abject poverty. With increased trade and travel between regions, many brothel owners now prefer to import girls (and boys) from distant regions. Not only are these "exotics" highly popular with many customers, they also have trouble running away since they usually don't speak the local language and are far away from their families or anyone else who might be sympathetic towards them. There is also a steady niche market for nonhuman prostitutes, though their acceptance among the nonhuman communities vary widely. While elves in general see nothing wrong with "taking gifts" from "lesser beings" in exchange for "favors" (as long as the elven women remember to take commonly known herbal contraceptives to prevent "accidents"), many dwarven prostitutes are killed by their relatives to wipe out the shame to their families.

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