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While other hobgoblins train themselves for individual combat, Clan Burakh perfects their members' ability to build and use siege engines and other machines of war. On the battlefield, their massive drums can be heard along with chants of "Bu-rakh" to help keep time when firing and loading these large machines- an intimidating sight and sound to anyone standing opposite them. Clan Burakh members tend to carry heavy repeating crossbows with large bayonets attached when fighting individuals, but definitely prefer to fight against groups or larger targets so they can bring their siege engines into play. Clan Burakh leadership has worked out a deal with Nagrab: Burakh supplies weapons and soldiers to protect Nagrab's trains for a cut of the profits. Since Burakh is profiting nicely from this, they are likely to oppose any effort to take the train's ownership from Nagrab - that is, unless they are heavily compensated in return.

Clan Burakh's insignia is a brown crossbow.

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