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Burallux is the ruler of Ardraxal. That Tallanggarul has chosen him to found this critical colony - the first dragon-founded city outside of the Desert of Thunder - despite his young age speaks well of his intelligence, which is only surpassed by his ambition. He dreams of making Ardraxal the gateway to the other planets, thus filling his lair with the treasures of many worlds from the tariffs and making him rich even by draconic standards.

While Tallanggarul has forbidden him from starting any hostilities with Neubodenwald, seeing that community as no threat to her plans, Burallux sees it as an obstacle to his own ambitions - as long as Neubodenwald sees business, he won't be able to establish a monopoly on off-world trade. For the time being, he tries to woo the merchants away from Neubodenwald, makes entreaties to all cities (dragon-ruled or not) who are interested in exploring and exploiting these other worlds, and sends agents to commit the occasional bit of sabotage when he thinks he can get away with it, but he might decide to take more drastic action in the future. He is patient like most dragons, but he also knows that once the off-world colonies start to grow in earnest, the window of opportunity for establishing a monopoly will close, and he is therefore willing to do whatever it takes to guarantee him a head start.

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